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sell your used car

Selling of trading in your old car can be a hassle. The condition of the car and other factors can cause snags in the process that prolong the sale. Oceanside Cash For Cars is the answer to the question: Where can I sell my car in Oceanside without all of the fuss? We buy used cars regardless of the condition, age, or mileage, and give you cash to put in your pocket immediately. In fact, selling your car to us is better than any other alternative


Saves You Money

Advertising alone can eat into your finances deeply. Getting the word out to sell your own used car is costly. Newspaper ads are expensive and other methods like internet ads and road signs need to be renewed or replaced regularly. Materials to replace stolen or ragged signs will add up over time and there is no guarantee that a buyer will result from your efforts.


Takes Less of Your Time

Putting a sign up or taking out an ad isn't all that it takes to sell your car. You have to take phone calls, arrange meetings with potential buyers, and juggle advertisements to keep them current and fresh so your car doesn't wind up lost in the mix. Actually meeting potential buyers takes a lot of time that you probably don't have to spare.


No Need for Improvements

Repairs and attempting to pretty up a car for sale are common, but doing this takes time and money. Many times, putting money into the car for appearances just to get it sold isn't worth it in the end, but no one will buy it otherwise. Our company will take the car as is in most cases. We don't need the car to have a fresh coat of paint or tears in the upholstery repaired.


No Meeting Potential Buyers

Meeting potential buyers is time consuming, especially when many people you meet aren't going to buy the vehicle. Add to that appointments that are cancelled or people who don't show up at all and you waste a lot of your time. Potential buyers who do come to look at the car also take up your time with questions and chitchat. Using our company eliminates this step completely.

Cash in Your Hand

When we buy your car, there is no waiting for a check to clear, or having to deposit a check or money order in the bank. We give you cash in your hand that you can use that very day.

One Time Transaction

We are proud to be an efficient and fair company that offers fast service. You will avoid all of the trouble associated with selling your car yourself or attempting to trade in the car. We make the process simple and quick wand you will reap the benefits of a single transaction with only one guaranteed buyer.