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Our Exceptional Services

In the event that you are intending to sell your car for such reasons as it is very costly to repair or to maintain, look out for a reputable buyer who would obtain it at an attractive price. There are very many companies in this business currently. The Oceanside cash for cars is one of the most reputable companies in history. Its physical location is in Oceanside, ca. We are motivated by the desire to ensure that our clients get very high quality services in record time.

Our prices

We buy these cars at very competitive prices. We first evaluate the market value of your car. This would majorly be guided by the present condition of the car. In so doing, we engage very objective valuing companies with the international practicing standards. The value of the vehicle is primarily based on the year of manufacture, model number, make and the general state of the vehicle. Once all these is established and the final prices is established we pay our sellers promptly with their consent.


Ownership of the vehicle

Proof of ownership of the car you intend to sell to us would be very key. This then calls for perfection of these documents that portray the seller as the legal owner of the vehicle. The only way to authenticate legal ownership is being in possession of the necessary documents to this effect. In the instances where the ownership is in dispute, buying of such a vehicle becomes challenging.

How to locate us

You can always reach us any time. In the wake of the advanced technological levels, we have also embraced the same. We have created our own websites where you can access the in-depth information regarding our operations. You can also contact us through the phone numbers provided on the website. The response to any of your concern is always instant.

Tailor-made services

We offer customized services to our clients. They include visiting them to their premises in the event that they are faced with tight schedules. We have a very proficient team that can sort you even without visiting our location. We also arrange for towing services in case the car that you are selling to us develops mechanical challenges, or is unable to start. Do not hesitate to contact us for efficiency of purpose.